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Hey lady! Are you interested in adding “Fempreneur” to your resume? Does a stream of additional income that doesn’t take up all of your time to create sound appealing? Are you a self-starter with a positive mindset and an “I’ll do what it takes!” attitude? Then I would love to connect with you & show you how you can work from your phone to build a business around your busy #momlife, while still being present and keeping your sanity.

I am first & foremost a Mom, but on any given day you can find me mentoring, challenging & inspiring other women to live their BEST lives. I have a degree in Information Technology, which I’ve been able to apply to my newfound passion for building online communities & businesses (and showing others how to do it too). This has led me to find a “home” as a leader in online social marketing.

I started in the network marketing industry with a traditionally modeled MLM; I didn’t know what I was getting into, or the questions to ask before partnering with a network marketing company. I just knew I liked the product and it felt like it would be easy to share it with friends.

But, after awhile of not seeing my leader win, and spending so much time with so little little success, I made the decision to change directions and I decided to partner with a company that aligned with my goals for the future & my brand (I encourage my team that “You Are Your Brand”), & the way I wanted to market (all online using attraction + affiliate/internet, and social media marketing strategy).

I am now partnered with a  international leader in home and personal fragrance that utilizes marketing based on 21st-century savvy business model that is centered around customers getting stylish, innovative and customizable products designed to Warm the Heart, Enliven the Senses and Inspire the Soul. The efficient, simple, duplicatable systems the company & my team have in place provide TIME freedom, and the flexibility to truly work from anywhere – anytime. Not to mention, there’s a compensation plan to match any compensation plan attached to this #ahmazing company.

Countless promotions, seeing my friends WIN, and a sisterhood in business are what makes this so darn fun!!

All of this and I am still able to focus on my family first  – My two oldest are starting college! My youngest, Ms. Parker is in elementary school now and have I STILL been able to build this business around my busy #SAHMomlife!

Now, this “side hustle” is becoming a legit business. It’s work, but it’s simple, mostly fun, and super fulfilling to share my love for home decor , fragrance & online business with others, showing them how to duplicate what I’ve done. That’s how everyone wins. 

Some of the more specific reasons I chose the company & team I can call “home” in the industry are:

  • Marketing does not have to be salesy, spammy & “in your face”.
  • Excellent, high-level leadership that builds with ONLINE marketing strategies. The company leadership has become quite the “Who’s Who” list of industry legends! #successleavesclues
  • A product that can be easily promoted ONLINE
  • No invoicing or inventory
  • A simple system that can be duplicated by ANYONE willing to follow it
  •  Layered Leadership
  • The capacity to have a no ceiling income.
  • The company is stable and continually growing. (Operating in the United States and its territories, Canada, Mexico, Germany, Austria, France, Spain, Ireland, the United Kingdom, Australia and New Zealand, with sales-only operations in Italy, Poland and Luxembourg)
  • A  product line with something to appeal to EVERY person (man or woman)
  • The products are things I would buy regardless & only enhances my personal brand + lifestyle

Is your interest piqued?

I would like to first make sure that a partnership would be a mutual fit for both of us, so..

Here is who I am looking to work with:

  • Someone coachable
  • Someone who has a positive mindset
  • Someone that is a no-excuses, consistent, hard worker
  • Someone who is actively engaged on social media (definitely Facebook and preferably Instagram)

If that doesn’t sound like you, working together will not be a fit. What I do is not for everyone, and definitely not for someone who doesn’t fit the above criteria.

Does the above sound like you? Then I would absolutely love to speak with you! Please submit your application for review through the form below:

Upon submission of your application,  you will receive a confirmation email and I will be connecting with you via Facebook Messenger to talk about your goals. Please accept my Facebook friend request (or friend me HERE first) so that my message does not go to your other/Spam folder. I will not contact you more than once. Your Information is kept strictly confidential and will not be shared.