Face your fears this season and beyond

two carved pumpkins glow with goofy faces in the night

The season of fear is here, when feeling scared is actually fun!

In October, more than any other time of year, we go on the hunt for spooky surprises, hair-raising chills and things that go bump in the night.

But there’s a different kind of fear; we’ve all felt it before. The kind that sits like a weight in the pit of your stomach, holding you back from experiencing or achieving something new. 

It goes by many names — doubt, distraction, bad timing, indigestion — but ultimately it serves one purpose: to keep you stuck in the very same spot, indefinitely.

When it comes to trying new things, travelling to new places or reaching out to connect with new friends and new opportunities, there’s no reason to let fear hold us back.

Here are a few ways to stop fear in its tracks:

Give your fear a name

The fastest way to begin overcoming a fear, great or small, is by acknowledging it, naming it, even shouting it from the rooftops! Mystery gives your fears power, so take some of it away by admitting them out loud — to yourself, to a close friend, to a parent or mentor. Then you can pinpoint why you’re afraid and figure out the best way to overcome it.

Know that fear is a good thing

If often means you’re on the right track. Life is supposed to hurt or rattle you sometimes — it’s how you get stronger.

Remember feeling those pesky aches and pains as a kid, each time you hit a new growth spurt? Growing pains don’t just happen during childhood, they’re emotional, too — and can strike whenever we step out to try something new. Instead of recognizing them as warning signs to abandon your plans, why not find encouragement in knowing you’re pushing yourself to be a better version of you?

“You’re never growing when you’re comfortable, or comfortable when you’re growing.”

Feeling butterflies in your stomach, or even a healthy dose of fear, doesn’t have to be bad. Let it fuel you to keep going, keep pushing and keep growing.

a butterfly rests in a field of lavender

Take it one step at a time

Your goal doesn’t have to be leaving your comfort zone behind permanently — we all need a safe, happy place to land at the end of the day. But you can focus on making your comfort zone bigger! Once you begin taking on new challenges, your confidence grows and fears subside, so the things that felt so uncomfortable before no longer do.

Find strength and encouragement

Battles are never won solo. Rather than try to bear the weight of your fear all alone, find someone to help you carry it. We all need reminders to be brave, encouragement to keep going, someone who tells us we can do hard things. We all need friends!

If you’re looking for a place to connect with amazing people, consider Scentsy. It’s a chance to reach for something good. Yes, it will challenge you. And the idea of launching your own business might scare you. But it will also reward and help fulfill you, and Scentsy has a strong community to help you push through your fears.

a group of consultants at Scentsy Family Reunion laugh and smile

Not sure what to do next?

Take action! You might not have the entire plan laid out in front of you, but odds are you know what small step you can take first to move in the right direction.

Once you take charge of your fears, give them a name, make plans to overcome them and find support in an encouraging community, it only takes putting one foot in front of the other to grow into the person you want to be — the person you’re meant to be.

How do you overcome your fears?

To learn more about joining Scentsy, reach out to me. I’d be happy to help.

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