Growing Succulent Plants Indoors

Do you have a reputation for killing your plants?

little garden

Do you avoid local parks and gardens to protect them from your bad juju?

Have you decided that being green is just NOT your thing?

You’re not alone! Most of us have neglected at least one plant to the point of no return. We’ve all forgotten to water and weed. And even the green-thumbed among us make fatal flora mistakes — but it’s no reason to give up hope!

I  declare that ANYONE can keep a houseplant alive, given a tiny bit of direction and with minor amounts of care. You just need to pick the right plant or Scentsy warmer!

grey warmer with leaves

“Why open myself up again?”

It’s hard to bounce back from failure — especially when you managed to kill the decades-old fern your mom passed down from her mom. But it’s worth another try. Bringing the outdoors in is so wonderful for your space! All that green doesn’t just look great — houseplants also help clean the air, plus they can sharpen your focus and make you feel happier. Believe it! Plants are just good for the soul.

We rounded up a few of the hardiest, lowest maintenance houseplants out there. When you’re ready, pick the cheeriest pot you can find and give one of these a go:


For a funky centerpiece, try this skin-soothing succulent. It requires almost no water to thrive, and only needs bright, indirect sunlight. The best part? When you’re suffering from a sunburn, you can borrow one of its leaves!


Can you dig it?

Once you’ve kept a plant alive and thriving for a few months, don’t be afraid to add another to your space. If that feels daunting, you can also round out your live plants with a few lifelike green accents or garden-themed décor to help outfit your newly plant-friendly home.


For more ideas on how to bring the look and fragrance of the outdoors in, reach out to me.

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